15 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Firefox

These shortcuts do not include those we commonly are aware of or we don’t need to know. So here’s the most useful shortcuts for FF users. Also this list is for linux users, so some of the command will not work for other operating systems. If you need more detail list of these shortcuts, see 82 useful shortcuts for firefox.

  • ctrl+l : Jumps to address bar
  • ctrl+enter : Complete a .com address in address bar
  • ctrl+k : Jumps to search bar
  • alt+up/down in search bar: Toggles search engines to use
  • alt+home: Jump to homepage
  • alt+arrow left/arrow right: One page backward / one page forward
  • ctr+t: Open new tab in same window
  • ctrl+(shift)+tab: Jump to next/previous browser tab
  • ctrl++/ctrl+: Increase or decrease text size
  • ctrl+0: Default text size
  • ctrl+b: Show or hide bookmark toolbar
  • ctrl+j: Open or close download window
  • ctrl+shift+del: Clear private data (menu)
  • ctrl+/: Show or hide add-on bar
  • alt+space, n: Minimize window

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