No watching TV / No drinking

I am currently trying not to watch TV and not to drink alcohol. There can be many reasons to start this kind of missions, but I simply started this only because I wanted to have more ‘time’ dedicated to do something more ‘constructive’ things.

Well I am not a college binge drinker anymore, but I am one of the guys who have to drink everyday after dinner. And watching TV. I was thinking like “Okay, you have done a lot today, so you can take a rest. This is for you. =)”  Recently I noticed that I need more time. I am not allowed to take a rest. Why don’t I have enough time? 1. I am a continuing college student; not that old but older than others. My body isn’t that fast as other traditional college students. 2. I have a 3-years-old boy and am expecting a baby sooner than later. 3. Most importantly, I kinda realized what I want to do and to be in the future.

Well, I quit smoking that I had been smoking for more than 15 years. What else can be harder than that? =) It has been three days that I put my resolutions in practice. I will try to write a small log of my quit drinking challenge. Let’s see what happens.


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